2 Chainz

For the forgetful – Don’t let a mask kill your look! These handcrafted metal chains will make sure you pass the vibe check ✔ with their eclectic yet minimalistic chain-link pattern. Also doubles up as a strap for your glasses

Comes in 2 Designs

1. Plain Chain
2. Plain Chain with an added black chain finish

Colours Available = Baby Hot Pink / Electric Blue / Yellow Fever
Length of chain = 28 inches
Comes with 2 rubber attachments for glasses


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Free Delivery in Singapore + Get your items within the week! Well, we try our best, don’t get mad at us if we predicted incorrectly. Patience is a virtue my friend and good things are worth the wait 😉

(Small fee + longer shipping period for international post – email in for special requests, we’re friendly)


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Artist: Centsless’ Mom handmade this during Pandemic lockdown blues, @centsless.things


Hot Baby Pink, Hot Baby Pink + Black Finish, Electric Blue, Electric Blue + Black Finish, Yellow Fever, Yellow Fever + Black Finish


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